Forum Prestige Project Palasa Bangalore

Forum Prestige

Oct 25, 2023

This massive, newly launched mall in Bangalore presented an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our expertise in providing large, customized floor planters. Our impressive planter collection, featuring the stunning Wally Set, Fluto Series and Dewdrop were used in transforming the mall's interior landscape.
Palasa's planters are not just decorative; they are an embodiment of style and functionality. The Wally, Xena and Aquila planters were meticulously designed to enhance the mall's ambiance with their unique aesthetics and practicality. These planters added a touch of natural elegance, creating inviting and visually appealing spaces throughout the mall.
Palasa's commitment to delivering exceptional planters for commercial spaces shines through in this remarkable project at the Forum Prestige Mall.

 Scope of work: Supplied Planters and Plants
Planters used: 
Wally SetFluto Series, Dewdrop

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Forum South Bangalore – Forum Malls