Who we are?

Are we featured in the press?

What are the Project we have worked on?

What are the materials used to manufacture our products?

What types of products are offered?

What is the quality assurance with your products?

Do you customize planters as per requirements?

Does your company provide any site visits as a part of its services?

How many days does it take to manufacture these products?

What is the general estimated time for deliver?

What is the process of tracking my online order?

Do you offer instore pickup as well?

What are the shipping rates for pan India shipping?

How can I cancel my order ?

What is your company policy on refunds?

What is your company policy on replacement?

Do you have a physical store ?

Are there more selections at the store?

Do you have delivery option in store?

Is there a delivery cost attached to this?

Do you provide any EMI options?

What types of payments do you offer?

Is COD provided?

Do you partner with firms, builders and architects?

Are there any incentivization model with architects and interior designers?