Heritage Firefly Fields Project Palasa Bangalore

Heritage Firefly Fields

Oct 25, 2023

Palasa recently worked on an exciting residential project at Heritage Firefly Fields at Sarjapur in Bangalore. Our indoor plants and planters took center stage in bringing nature indoors. We adorned the duplex with our exquisite selection of floor planters, including the elegant Audrey Planter with a metal stand, the stylish Rolld Planter with a metal stand, and the unique Raindrop Planter and Iris Planter. These planters seamlessly integrated into the warm and subtly-toned interior theme of the duplex, creating a harmonious and refreshing atmosphere. Our planters not only added a touch of greenery but also served as decorative elements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space. Palasa's commitment to bringing the outdoors inside through our meticulously designed planters was evident in this project, where we transformed the residence into a green oasis. It was a testament to our passion for creating extraordinary living spaces.
Scope of work:  Planters and Plants
Planters used:
Audrey Planter, Rolld Planter, Raindrop Planter, Iris Planter

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Heritage Firefly Fields | 3BHK & 4BHK Villas in Sarjapur Bangalore | Villas On Sarjapur Road (heritagehomes.in)
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