The Reservoire

The Reservoire

Oct 25, 2023

Palasa supplied planters and plants to The Reservoire, a restaurant near Koramangala, Bangalore. Known for its industrial rustic charm and Manhattan-style cocktail culture, we included our Hourglass planter for this project. We customized the Hourglass planter to attach light fixtures. We also customized our Rectangular Recon and Ammo with Midi Stand to the liking of the designers. Our current product the Reservoir was created for this project after which it has now become a best-selling design. These planters brought a touch of natural beauty and greenery to Reservoire's interior, seamlessly blending with the restaurant's rustic ambiance. Palasa's commitment to crafting distinctive, functional, and visually pleasing planters played a vital role in enhancing the overall dining experience, making Reservoire a unique destination for patrons seeking both delectable cuisine and a captivating atmosphere.


 Scope of work: Supplied Planters and Plants
Planters used: 
Customized Hourglass with Light, Customized Rectangular Recon, Ammo with Midi Stand, Reservoir

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The Reservoire
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