Gustum Project - Palasa Bangalore India


Oct 19, 2023

We worked with designers of Gustum, an upscale restaurant in HSR Bangalore. Nestled on a two-story rooftop with an abundance of greenery, the restaurant exudes a serene charm. Our contribution was particularly noteworthy, as they adorned the space with a harmonious blend of Aquila, Reservoir, and Cosmos planters. These meticulously chosen planters not only graced the restaurant's floor with their elegance but also added a touch of nature to the vertical garden, breathing life into the restaurant's surroundings. Palasa's planters played a pivotal role in creating an enchanting and inviting dining environment at Gustum.

Scope of Work: Vertical Garden, Plants and Planters. 
Planters Used: Combination of Aquila Planters, Reservoir Planters & Cosmos Planter

Gustum Project - Palasa Bangalore India  Gustum Project - Palasa Bangalore India

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