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Oct 25, 2023

We undertook a remarkable project for Hilton - a prestigious 5-star luxury hotel at Manyata Tech Park in Bangalore and we took immense pleasure in transforming their space with our exquisite indoor plants and customized floor planters. Specifically, our Hica, Xena and Aquila planters played a pivotal role in elevating the ambiance.
These carefully crafted planters not only added a touch of natural elegance but also seamlessly blended with the hotel's interior design. The Hica, Xena and Aquila planters, with their unique designs, brought a breath of fresh air into the hotel, creating a harmonious fusion of nature and luxury.
Our planters have not only beautified the indoor spaces but have also contributed to a serene and inviting atmosphere, making the hotel a perfect haven for guests seeking both luxury and tranquility.
Scope of work: Supplied Plants and Customized Planters
Planters used: 
Aquila Planter, HICA Planter, Xena Planter

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Hilton Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park, Bangalore – Updated 2023 Prices (booking.com)
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